Psyonix’ Rocket League Confirmed For Nintendo Switch This Winter, Will Have Cross-Network Play With Xbox And PC

Following the mediocre response to 2008’s Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, developers Psyonix found themselves with a surprise hit when Rocket League launched on PC and PS4 in 2015.

An Xbox version launched in 2016, and the developers have since been supporting the game – and it’s growing fanbase – across all platforms with DLC, both free and paid, on a regular basis.

Now, via a trailer as part of Nintendo’s E3 showing, Psyonix have announced the rocket-fueled-football-cars (totally should have called it that) will also be coming to Switch later this year.

The Switch version of the game will include wireless multiplayer and the cross-network functionality found elsewhere, which means whether you’re on PC, Xbox or Switch you’ll be able to play online seamlessly with those on other machines.

One point of note here, is that despite the developers and other platform holders being open to the idea, PlayStation owners are not able to join cross-network games, because of what Sony say are ‘privacy concerns’.

Rocket League Switch is expected to launch late 2017.

Psyonix’ Rocket League Confirmed For Nintendo Switch This Winter, Will Have Cross-Network Play With Xbox And PC

Knack’s Back, PS4 Sequel Coming September 2017

First shown off back in December at PlayStation Experience, Knack 2 is the follow up to Mark Cerny’s PS4 launch title, and thanks to a new trailer from E3 we now know it’s due date: September 6th, 2017.

Knack 2’s looking a lot more interesting that the original, with last year’s reveal trailer showing multiple Knack (Knacks?) exploring a level together in co-op, whilst the E3 trailer above has more focus on the story and how the combat and platforming has been improved for the second game.

Pre-orders for the game are already available at under £30.

Knack’s Back, PS4 Sequel Coming September 2017

Metro Exodus Revealed At Microsoft’s E3 Conference

Developer 4A Games have revealed the next entry in the Metro series, Metro Exodus.

In stark contrast to previous title’s tunnel-heavy game design, Metro Exodus sees a group of survivors flee the shattered ruins of the Metro system and embark on “an epic, continent-spanning journey across the post-apocalyptic Russian wilderness”.

In a story inspired by the Metro 2033 & 2035 novels, Edoxus includes more open non-linear levels than ever before, promising an “immersive, sandbox survival experience” and “thrilling story-line that spans an entire year in the greatest Metro adventure yet”.

Metro Exodus is coming to Xbox One and PC in 2018.

Metro Exodus Revealed At Microsoft’s E3 Conference

Minecraft Is Getting Cross Platform Play And 4K Graphics

Minecraft’s finally getting cross platform play, it has been announced. This will bring together players across Windows 10, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and mobile.

Sadly, as it stands, PlayStation ‘crafters wont be joining the cross-platform party, with Windows Central’s Jez Cordon reporting that Sony refused Microsoft access to their platforms, tweeting “RE: cross platform Minecraft. Yes to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation refused.”

On top of the announced cross-play Better Together patch, a huge update due later this year will bring 4K textures to everyone, with an optional “Super Duper Graphics Pack” also being made available, which does exactly as it says, making everything look better, with the aid of new lighting and graphical tweaks.

Minecraft Is Getting Cross Platform Play And 4K Graphics

EA Play’s Need For Speed Payback Gameplay Footage Was Fast & Furious

Following the game’s official unveiling last week, EA took to the stage at their EA Play event last night to show off some Need For Speed Payback gameplay, including a new mission called “Highway Heist”.

This particular set-piece is all about stealing a supercar in-transit, and it looks very much like the success of the blockbuster Fast & Furious movies have had an influence on gameplay design, with cars flipping, exploding, and bursting out of transporter trucks with very little concern for their insurance premiums. Madness.

Also mentioned, was another of Payback’s quite obvious influences – coming by way of Forza Horizon – as this time around Need For Speed will also include scrapped classic cars to be found, which can then be recovered, restored and re-tuned.

Need For Speed Payback will launch later this year, November 10, across Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

EA Play’s Need For Speed Payback Gameplay Footage Was Fast & Furious

Hazelight Announce New EA Originals Title “A Way Out” At EA Play 2017

Hazelight, a new studio formed by the core team behind acclaimed co-op puzzle platformer Brothers A Tale Of Two Sons, have revealed their first game at EA’s E3 press show.

The game’s Writer/Director Josef Fares took to the stage to discuss his promising new title, and was quite clearly the most passionate presenter on stage throughout the night.

A Way Out is Co-Op only, and can be played locally, or online, although it will always be presented in split-screen.

Hazelight is all about making games that focus on story-driven experiences backed by innovative gameplay.

Our first game, A Way Out, came about when a friend and I tried to find a co-op game that wasn’t just a drop-in/drop-out experience. I wanted to play a co-op game with a strong story, where the characters had unique personalities and goals. And that’s exactly what A Way Out is.

This game is co-op only—you can play it online, but to get the full experience and feel, we want you to play it together with a friend on your couch. A Way Out is going to cover a lot of gameplay ground, from action to exploration, from driving to puzzle-solving, and much more.

We’re also looking into how we innovate as we tell the story of these two characters. Players will experience the game’s story as it seamlessly shifts from a full-screen experience into cinematic split-screen formats. Basically, one player can be in a cutscene while the other player has full control.

A Way Out is slated for release in early 2018.

Hazelight Announce New EA Originals Title “A Way Out” At EA Play 2017

Battlefield 1’s Next Expansion Detailed At EA Play 2017

With over 20 million players, Battlefield 1 has been, as expected, a huge success for EA DICE. Looking forward, the publisher of course want to capitalise on that success with the second of four confirmed expansion packs, In The Name Of The Tsar.

In The Name Of The Tsar will release in September, and sees the Russian Army joining the fight, including the Women’s Battalion of Death represented by the Scout class.

There’ll also be six new maps, 11 new weapons, new vehicles, and new game modes and challenges.

Battlefield 1 In the Name of the Tsar has a new game mode called Supply Drop, where you’ll join a fast-paced fight for supplies on the Eastern Front as planes airdrop everything needed to outgun and outscore your opponents. We’re also adding new, epic Operations including Brusilov Offensive – one of the most lethal offensives of the war.

Check out the footage from the show below:

Battlefield 1’s Next Expansion Detailed At EA Play 2017