Hazelight Announce New EA Originals Title “A Way Out” At EA Play 2017

Hazelight, a new studio formed by the core team behind acclaimed co-op puzzle platformer Brothers A Tale Of Two Sons, have revealed their first game at EA’s E3 press show.

The game’s Writer/Director Josef Fares took to the stage to discuss his promising new title, and was quite clearly the most passionate presenter on stage throughout the night.

A Way Out is Co-Op only, and can be played locally, or online, although it will always be presented in split-screen.

Hazelight is all about making games that focus on story-driven experiences backed by innovative gameplay.

Our first game, A Way Out, came about when a friend and I tried to find a co-op game that wasn’t just a drop-in/drop-out experience. I wanted to play a co-op game with a strong story, where the characters had unique personalities and goals. And that’s exactly what A Way Out is.

This game is co-op only—you can play it online, but to get the full experience and feel, we want you to play it together with a friend on your couch. A Way Out is going to cover a lot of gameplay ground, from action to exploration, from driving to puzzle-solving, and much more.

We’re also looking into how we innovate as we tell the story of these two characters. Players will experience the game’s story as it seamlessly shifts from a full-screen experience into cinematic split-screen formats. Basically, one player can be in a cutscene while the other player has full control.

A Way Out is slated for release in early 2018.

Hazelight Announce New EA Originals Title “A Way Out” At EA Play 2017

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