Forza Horizon 3 Is Getting Hot Wheels DLC Expansion

Microsoft & Playground Games have revealed the next expansion pack for Forza Horizon 3 is to race onto Xbox One and Windows 10 PC May 9th 2017. In stark contrast to the cold climes of Horizon 3’s first DLC pack, Blizzard Mountain, pack two introduces some hot Hot Wheels, quite literally.

Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels takes players to six new themed islands located off the coast of Australia; all connected by a network of Hot Wheels tracks – positioned hundreds of feet in the air – featuring classic Hot Wheels configurations like loops, corkscrews, and more. This is stunt driving at its most extreme, where you can master tracks by performing brand new Hot Wheels skills that make use of boost pads, high-bank turns, half-pipes, insane jumps, and even giant mechanical dinosaurs. If you’re looking to get creative, check out the new Stunt Swap feature to modify stunt track sections and dare your friends to try them.

Alongside the new tracks and play modes, Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels will introduce 10 new vehicles, as well as 28 new Xbox Live achievements.

Here’s a closer look at the cars:

1969 Hot Wheels Twin Mill
Designed by Ira Gilford, who quit his job at Chrysler to design for Mattel, the Twin Mill houses dual-blown Chevy 502 big blocks blasting around 1,400 horses, making it one of the most powerful cars in Forza history.

2011 Hot Wheels Bone Shaker
The trademark skull face with hands gripping the headlights make it clear that this is no run-of-the-mill rat rod. Creepy details like the skull-topped spine shifter and the skull-and-crossbones steering wheel pair perfectly with the awesome flame-job on the outside.

2012 Hot Wheels Rip Rod
Is it a buggy? It is a hot rod? One look at the suspension tells you this tricked-out custom is ready for any terrain. This is a super lightweight tube chassis pro-built machine and it’s all Hot Wheels. In short, the Rip Rod really rips.

2005 Hot Wheels Ford Mustang
Featuring huge fender flares, the car’s oil-cooler lines are routed through the empty grill, and its spoiler and rear diffuser all contribute to the look.

2016 Jeep Trailcat
What do you get when you cross a lifted Jeep Wrangler and a Hellcat 707 hp engine? In line with the design of the rock-crawling menaces found in King of the Hammers competition, the Trailcat was designed to clamber over anything in its path and sprint across open ground with wicked abandon. This car is a Forza Horizon Exclusive model design.

2016 Zenvo ST1
Power and performance are on par with exotic supercar status with bespoke material throughout. In the nitty-gritty department, there is massive 6.8-liter V8 with a turbo and supercharger. That will get you to 60 mph in less than three-seconds and a top speed over 230 mph. Let the looks grab your eye, take it all in, then get behind the wheel to experience something truly special.

2007 Toyota Hilux Arctic Trucks AT38
Artic Trucks has been fitting out vehicles for the rigors of Icelandic driving since 1990 and the AT38 model has been fitted with features such as oversize tires that are ready to tackle any terrain and an articulating suspension that has taken these vehicles as far as the North and South Poles. No matter where you point it, expect the AT38 to conquer any surface with authority.

2010 Pagani Zonda R
The Zonda R is a racecar which isn’t properly sanctioned for any racing series. At the same time, it’s not legal to drive on the road. It’s probably best not to try to classify the Zonda R, and just simply to drive it, because doing so is an experience as unique as the car itself. This one-of-a-kind can easily reach 100 mph in less than six seconds, topping out at well past 200 mph.

1972 Chrysler VH Valiant Charger R/T E49
With its mighty 265-cubic-inch slant-six with a racy cam and four-speed, the E49 set a production vehicle acceleration record that would stand for 27 years. Speed and rarity aside, the VH Valiant Charger represents the only car designed completely by Chrysler Australia.

In addition to the Hot Wheels expansion, Forza Horizon 3 will see an update roll out on May 9th, which includes “some significant improvements for Windows 10 players”.

Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels will be available as part of the Forza Horizon 3 Expansion Pass or as a standalone purchase for $19.99.

Forza Horizon 3 Is Getting Hot Wheels DLC Expansion

Nintendo Announce New 2DS XL Handheld, No E3 Conference This Year

Nintendo – who, when it comes to marketing strategy, simply love to keep you guessing – have today announced another SKU in the 3DS family line, the New 2DS XL.

As the name suggests, the New 2DS XL combines the features of the New 3DS XL; improved processing power, dual rear cameras, amiibo support, the c-stick and new trigger buttons. Equally obvious, is the 2DS variant’s omission – there’s no stereoscopic 3D.

The New 2DS XL has a redesigned clamshell design too, bringing it in line with the rest of the family rather than the child-friendly hinge-free wedge we saw on the 2DS.

Nintendo’s New 2DS XL has a suggested retail price of $150 in the US, with UK retailers listing it at ~£130 ahead of release July 28th, 2017.

Does this mean we’ll see more 3DS line games, as Nintendo firmly position their new hybrid console Switch as a home machine?

Another unexpected announcement coming from Nintendo today was the news that the company will not be hosting a traditional Press Conference during this year’s E3 event.

“Finally, the video game tradeshow E3 will be held in Los Angeles this June. Again this year, we will not be hosting a large-scale press conference for institutional investors, analysts and the media. Nintendo of America will present further information on our plans at a later date.” – Tatsumi Kimishima, Nintendo President, Financial Results Briefing 2017

This isn’t the first time Nintendo have skipped the conferences, opting to host Direct or Treehouse digital presentations instead, but many expected a return to the stage after the launch of Switch in March.

Nintendo Announce New 2DS XL Handheld, No E3 Conference This Year

FIFA 17 Joins The EA & Origin Access Vault

Xbox One and Windows PC gamers who subscribe to the EA/Origin Access schemes can now download FIFA 17 from the vault. Players will be able to enjoy the full game as long as their Access membership remains active.

EA’s latest football title joins previous annual installments, as well as other big titles including Titanfall, Mass Effect and Battlefield.

FIFA 17 introduces a new “Journey” mode, which sees young up-start Alex Hunter climb the ranks to football stardom, complete with a fully featured story and dialogue choices between matches. Of course, if that’s not your thing, you’re still able to jump online for a kick-about, where you’ll undoubtedly be greeted by the insults of 11 year olds rather than crowds of adoring fans. Whatever floats your boat.

FIFA 17 Joins The EA & Origin Access Vault