Sony’s Mobile Gaming Plan Moves Forward

As they try once again to bring the PlayStation brand into a smartphone carrying world, Sony have today revealed the first offerings from their new mobile-gaming focused subsidiary ForwardWorks.

The company is working on smartphone versions of popular PlayStation franchises Hot Shots Golf, PaRappa The Rapper, Arc The Lad, and Wild Arms, as well as working with third parties on their titles, and creating games based on new IP.

ForwardWorks also revealed plans for a new peripheral system called Project Field, allowing real-world trading card games to interact with mobile apps via a special pad which detects not only which cards are in play, but how they are oriented and when they are moved across the pad. The first Project Field game will be a Yo-Kai Watch title from Bandai and Level 5.

“We will make the full use of assets PlayStation has built to release games best optimized for the smartphone platform,” said Sony’s Tomoki Kawaguchi.

Sony’s Mobile Gaming Plan Moves Forward

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