EA Say No New Battlefield For A Couple Of Years

Following the launch of Battlefield 1, EA’s chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen has said the series won’t be returning for another “couple of years”.

Speaking at the Nasdaq 35th Investor Program, Jorgensen said EA “won’t have another Battlefield back for a couple of years. Next year we’ll have Battlefront, the Star Wars game.”

On the topic of Battlefront, Jorgensen says they’ll be adressing many criticisms with the first game, and the new title will be “much bigger” and “much more exciting” than last year’s title.

“We were really working with the old canvas of Star Wars, the old trilogy,” he said. “Next year we’ll have the opportunity to leverage more of that content from the new movies and we think that’ll make the opportunity much larger.

“There seems to be no waning in the excitement around the Star Wars world,” he continued. “We’ve got another movie coming up obviously in a few weeks and people are very excited about it, and so we’re looking forward to bringing to the table next year a much bigger, much more exciting Battlefront for consumers.”

Battlefield 1 will see continued support through 2017 thanks to its planned Premium Pass expansion content.

EA Say No New Battlefield For A Couple Of Years

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