IO Interactive Confirm Hitman Season 2 Is In Development

A translated interview given to French outlet Gamergen seemingly confirms that IO Interactive has more Hitman in development. Speaking at Paris Games Week, Hakan Abrak – executive director of production on the game – said the upcoming second season will utilise the same launcher as the first, carrying over unlocks and equipment from previous episodes.

Yes, there is a second season, […] I think what is most important and we want to do is create a high-fidelity sandbox, […] a lot of creative ways to advance, achieve objectives and kill the targets.

IO also clearly has plans to support all episodes going forward, with the possibility of old haunting grounds being revisited.

With Season 2, there will be new places, new exciting cities, but that does not mean that Paris will no longer matter. We want it to remain, continue developing missions, Live events, some objectives that we have already developed […], like Elusive Targets.

It could happen again in Paris! […] We will keep all that in season 2, even if we think other cities, which will be equally important. This means that as far, all that will grow and develop more and more.This is really the right time to jump into the adventure, the season will conclude, there will be cordoned off the entire season 1, but once inside, after Hokkaido Monday, the series will continue, there will be new events, there is more content to come, and in Season 2 we will develop it and create a world increasingly rich.

The first season of Hitman was a massive *ahem* hit, with the stealth adventure being one of 2016’s biggest surprises, and receiving high praise from critics and gamers alike.

The complete Season One is available now digitally across PS4, Xbox One and PC. With a physical collection headed to consoles in January 2017.

IO Interactive Confirm Hitman Season 2 Is In Development

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