O2 Bringing OnePlus To UK Stores

Mobile phone operator O2 are bringing the previously online-exclusive OnePlus brand of Android phones to UK stores, it’s been announced.

To help spread our Never Settle philosophy in the UK, we’re delighted to announce a partnership that we hope will not only introduce the OnePlus 3 to a whole new audience but also allow friends both old and new to experience the device before they buy.

Starting this coming Friday, September 29, the OnePlus 3 will be available in the UK via the carrier O2, on a range of tarrifs, and sim-free at the same price as the OnePlus website (£329).

I’ve personally been a fan of OnePlus since launch, and am glad to hear the near-stock high-end Android devices at reasonable prices will soon be more readily available, with demonstration units perhaps tempting people away from their Samsung or dare I say, even Apple handsets.

Never Settle.

O2 Bringing OnePlus To UK Stores

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