Futurlab’s Velocity 2X Out Now On Xbox One & PC

Velocity 2X, the award-winning critically acclaimed arcade shooter from indie devs FuturLab is now available on Xbox One and Windows PC.

These new editions promise to be just as awesome as the exiting PlayStation options, plus they’re bundling the core game with all the bonus content contained in the “Critical Urgency” and “Dual Core” DLC packs as standard.

A light-speed action game with responsive controls, Velocity 2X flows energetically between two trigger-testing genres: a top-down vertical shooter and a side-scrolling platformer. Whether dashing through enemy strongholds in the nimble Quarp Jet or on foot, players can unleash a barrage of attacks and teleport precisely through danger in the blink of an eye, rewarding gutsy moves and quick reflexes. Competitive leaderboards rank player performance by speed, completion percentage, and overall score to support dedicated speedrunners across each of the more than 50 stages in the game.

Set in the distant future, Velocity 2X stars Lt. Kai Tana, an ace fighter pilot who must use her raw firepower, wits, and agility to battle hostile aliens and free her fellow prisoners. The adventure bursts off the screen with bold art design inspired by the classics of 80s sci-fi, as well as a variety of colourful worlds, immense boss battles, dazzling visual effects, and a pulsing techno soundtrack.

Published by Sierra, Velocity 2X is available today via the Xbox Games Store and Steam, priced at $19.99/£16.79.

Futurlab’s Velocity 2X Out Now On Xbox One & PC

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