2D Action RPG Death’s Gambit Announced For PS4

White Rabbit’s Alex Kubodera has today announced that Death’s Gambit, a 2D Action RPG, will be heading to PS4 next year.

Death’s Gambit sees you explore an open-world, nonlinear alien planet filled with beasts, medieval knights, and other such horrors, including “epic bosses” that force you to think outside the box with regards to battle.

The central conflict of Death’s Gambit begins with your character on the verge of his own demise at the hands of an immortal. You come face to face with Death, who extends a bony finger and offers you a deal. Undeath, in exchange for destroying the source of immortality that plagues this world. A deal swiftly struck, for you are not yet ready to wander the afterlife.

We’re promised a deep combat system with multiple weapon types and attacks and even including the ability to scale some of the larger enemies, and fight whilst literally standing on the shoulder of giants.

Expect more on Death’s Gambit to revealed over the coming months, ahead of launch sometime in 2016.

2D Action RPG Death’s Gambit Announced For PS4

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