FIFA World Cup 2014 Announced For PS3 & 360

EA Sports have announced this years FIFA World Cup game – imaginatively titled 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil – which will be released on PS3 and Xbox 360 beginning April 15th in North America, or two days later, April 17th in Europe.

Unlike the last FIFA tournament game, UEFA Euro 2012, which was released as DLC for that years main game, World Cup 2014 will not require FIFA 14 to play, and will instead be a full boxed retail title.

Using the core FIFA 14 gameplay engine, World Cup 2014 is said to feature “the deepest set of game modes ever in an EA SPORTS tournament title, all new gameplay innovations and improvements, and a rich presentation that captures the color and vibrancy of Brazil”.

With 203 national teams, 7,469 players, 19 officially licensed managers, and 21 new stadiums including all 12 authentic stadiums from Brazil, the 2014 FIFA World Cup comes to life with more detail and authenticity than ever before. Feel the support of a nation with all-new crowd scenes including banners, flags, and seat cards in the stadium, and from Live City events in all corners of the globe. Score a goal with England and see fans react live from the center of London.

Presumably that doesn’t let you see how fans in London react when Italy thrash us first game? Unless EA have gone all-in on realistically modelling lager-louts and called in the voice actors for numerous racist chants.

Now everyone has a chance to write football history. In Road to the FIFA World Cup™, the most immersive tournament mode from any EA SPORTS title, players can choose from 203 national teams and play with one to 32 players locally through the qualifying rounds, and on to the group stages of the FIFA World Cup. Along the way, fans can get tournament updates from EA SPORTS Talk Radio*,featuring Ian Darke and Andy Goldstein, or Roger Bennett and Michael Davies (Men in Blazers), with over 50 hours of recorded content to stay up to date on all the action. For those who want to celebrate the tournament online, Road to Rio de Janeiro™ is an all-new mode that lets players win their way across a map of Brazil’s 12 host cities in licensed and authentic stadiums.

FIFA World Cup 2014 is available to pre-order now, with exclusive in-game content including celebrations, and Adidas balls (yay?) being promised to those who do so. There’s currently no word on a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One version of the game.

FIFA World Cup 2014 Announced For PS3 & 360

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