PlayStation Now: Sony’s Game Streaming Plans Revealed

Amongst talk of future thinking and “Generation Remix” at their CES keynote, Sony have today announced their plans for a next-generation game streaming – PlayStation Now.

Using the recently acquired cloud-based Gaikai technology, Sony’s PlayStation Now service will stream a wide selection of your favourite past-era PlayStation games not only to PS4, but also to PS3, PS Vita, mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, and even Bravia television sets.

Sony Computer Entertainment’s Andrew House invited attendees to try out the technology, with God of War: Ascension, Puppeteer, and Naughty Dog’s critically acclaimed The Last Of Us playable on the Vegas event’s show-floor, via PS Vita or selected Bravia TV’s.

When launched, the full service will operate under either a subscription based model, allowing users to explore a range of titles for a fixed-fee, or a pay-as-you-play type deal, allowing gamers to rent titles individually. A closed beta will launch in the United States at the end of the month, with Sony planning to roll out the service publicly – in the US at least – before the end of this summer.

European consumers will, as usual, have to wait a while, as Sony say they’re “not quite ready to confirm launch plans for PAL territories”, explaining that our Broadband provision is to blame; “Europe is a considerably more complex region, with a huge number of different providers and varying connection speeds from country to country. In short, we need a little more time to ensure a smooth and successful roll-out,” they have said.

I’m sure we can all wait a while though; The promise of playing our favourite titles from days gone by without any sort of additional hardware is simply amazing. Happy New Year, game fans.

PlayStation Now: Sony’s Game Streaming Plans Revealed

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