PS4 And PS Vita Ultimate Bundle Confirmed For Release

You’ll be able to buy a bundle including both the PS4 and PS Vita before Christmas, Sony have revealed. This is part of the company’s push for Remote Play, which allows you to play PS4 games via streaming on your handheld.

The first image of the bundle appeared in MCV’s print edition a few days ago, and whilst retailers haven’t been particularly forward in recognising this package’s existence – my local GAME for example seemingly had no knowledge of it – Sony have clarified the package will be available tonight, alongside PlayStation 4, stock availability permitting.

“You may walk in and get a great deal on ‘buy a Vita when bought with’ type deal. So if you buy a PS4 you can get a Vita for X. And others will say, well here’s the Ultimate Bundle and you get all those bits in it” Sony’s UK MD Fergal Gara confirmed.

“Retailers will package things around it or add certain things in. But as a base price we think that’s quite compelling.”

Gara also acknowledged the potential of PS4’s Remote Play as the reasoning behind this package, saying “once we got our hands on Remote Play we thought, wow, it really is real and good, and that deserves a shout.”

“We think, for four hundred and something pounds you’re getting two consoles, if you get PlayStation Plus with that then you’ve got an Instant Game Collection for both. So now they’re both great companion devices and they’re standalone devices. Why wouldn’t we underline that and highlight that point of difference? We really believe in it.”

Quite the bundle indeed. Not only are you getting all the benefits of Remote Play and the plethora of freebies that PlayStation Plus affords, but when you also factor in Cross-buy deals, and stunning Vita exclusives such as Tearway, I’m sure you’ll agree the PS4 and Vita are perfect companions this Christmas.

PS4 And PS Vita Ultimate Bundle Confirmed For Release

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