GAME Open 12 New Stores For Christmas

The previously troubled UK high-street retailer GAME has opened a dozen new stores and hired 4,500 staff in the run-up to Christmas, it has been announced.

Of the 12 new stores, four are permanent and eight are operating under a temporary lease – to help the firm meet the demand of not only Christmas, but also a new generation of consoles. Four other outlets have been relocated ahead of the busy holiday period.

“We constantly review our property portfolio to make sure we’re in the right places to deliver for the gaming communities of the UK,” Game Retail’s Dave Howard told MCV. “Christmas 2013 is going to be an incredibly important time for gamers with some amazing titles released and two new consoles launching.”

Whatever your feelings on GAME in particular, this is most certainly terrific news for everyone involved, be they staff or customer, and personally I’m extremely pleased to see the company have turned things around, especially given the tough time UK retail is experiencing at the moment.

GAME Open 12 New Stores For Christmas

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