Xbox One’s SkyDrive Functionality Detailed

Microsoft have today announced that Xbox One will feature SkyDrive functionality at its launch later this month.

SkyDrive – the company’s cloud storage solution – “helps you keep your files always with you, no matter where you are” and Microsoft say the new Xbox One application will “filter out just your photos and videos, the things which are going to look great on your television”, to provide a “seamless, beautiful experience for you to kick back and enjoy photos and videos”.

Translated? It streams your slightly suspect holiday snaps and home-movies from the internet to your TV.

SkyDrive will, apparently, hook into Xbox One’s other apps – such as sideloading Xbox Music to play your favourite tracks alongside said photo slideshows, and there’s talk of integration with the TV Guide feature too, although, users here in the UK may have to wait a while for that – since the TV guide and features aren’t due here until some point in 2014.

Xbox One launches worldwide next Friday, November 22nd.

Xbox One’s SkyDrive Functionality Detailed

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