Velocity Ultra Heading To PS3 & PC

Acclaimed space-shooter Velocity Ultra will release on PS3 in glorious HD next week, it has been announced. The US launch date of November 12th is not only a special day for developer FuturLab’s fans, but also, rather fittingly, a special day for the company too – as it marks 10 years since the “laboratory for designing the future” was born. “What better release date than our 10th anniversary?” Said James, the studio’s founder. EU fans will be able to pick up the game on PS3 a day later, November 13th.

That’s not all, however. Curve Studios are also porting Futurlab’s incredible Vita shooter to PC.

The PC version is said to have all the features of its PS3 and PS Vita counterparts, as well as configurable mouse/keyboard controls and Steam specific additions, such as steamworks leaderboards and the newly introduced trading cards system.

Futurlab’s James Marsden said the studio are “working very closely with Curve to make sure the PC edition has as much love and care put into it as the PlayStation versions, to make sure we develop a version of the game worthy of the Velocity name.”

Today’s announcement also reiterates the indie studio’s love for Sony, and clarifies it’s unlikely that the Velocity IP will ever branch out further (for example to Xbox), as it would “damage the relationship that both FuturLab and PlayStation have worked hard to develop over the last few years.”

Although a set date for the PC appearance has yet to be announced, Velocity Ultra is due to arrive on Steam sometime before the new year.

Velocity Ultra Heading To PS3 & PC

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