Xbox One Friends App, Achievements And Multiplayer Matching Detailed

Microsoft has released new details regarding the Xbox One’s online features including a video explaining the new Xbox friend app.

In the video Xbox Live’s Major Nelson talks us through the changes, including how each profile will have direct friends, followers and favourites, all of which will be presented in columns akin to the current social media norms we are all comfortable and familiar with.

The ability to follow users without necessarily needing a reciprocated friendship is an interesting addition; the example given allows you to track professional gamer’s activity. This seems like a smart move by Microsoft, perhaps made in an attempt to convince gamers that Xbox One’s sharing features are capable of competing with existing outlets such as Youtube or Raptr.

These changes to how friends are handled ties in nicely with today’s second nugget of Xbox goodness, which is talk of Achievements, or more precisely, Community Achievements and timed challenges.

“Imagine, for example, a game releases a weekend objective that requires players to cumulatively secure an objective “X” number of times in a three day period. And every person who participates and helps build towards the challenge’s goals unlocks that Achievement and earns its reward.”

Microsoft have also discussed the console’s online multiplayer component and how the new Smart Match system will help to ensure gamers heading online are always matched with their perfect partner, based on skill levels, language and for the first time, Xbox Live reputation standings.

It has also been revealed that Xbox One can be programmed to automatically record exciting moments of gameplay.

“It won’t be automatic for every Achievement,” explained Albert Penello, Microsoft’s director of product planning. “It’s a feature that Developers can unlock for achievements, OR, for instance, have hidden in the game for doing something cool or discovering something hidden. Basically we allow developers access to GameDVR and they can put conditions on an automatic recording.”

Xbox One Friends App, Achievements And Multiplayer Matching Detailed

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