UK May Not Face Lengthy PS4 Stock Limits After All

Contrary to recent reports of months upon months of PS4 shortages, Sony UK’s Fergal Gara has suggested that the second wave of PlayStation 4 stock will likely be arriving in days, rather than weeks or months, after launch.

Speaking at EGX, Gara said Sony are continuing to work with retailers regarding final allocations.

“Everybody who has pre-ordered to date will definitely get a console prior to Christmas. The cut-off date for that was 5th August” confirmed Gara. “The overall volume point about the UK in those first few weeks of launch is substantial. We will fully catch up demand, probably not before Christmas but relatively quickly thereafter. That’s my current expectation.”

“So, a bit tight for the first few weeks before evening out quite quickly.”

Gara explained that some retailers have already stopped taking pre-orders whilst others are working on a first-come, first-served basis. He also said that unless Sony UK were “pleasantly surprised by a bigger launch day volume than expected” it is unlikely there will be PS4 units on retailers’ shelves.

“But a second batch of stock will be within the week probably, so we’re not talking about droughts for months and months,” he added.

UK May Not Face Lengthy PS4 Stock Limits After All

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