Microsoft Announce Xbox One Tour

The Eurogamer Expo this past weekend was the first UK consumer outing for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but, if you were not fortunate enough to join us at Earls Court and would like to get your hands on Microsoft’s next-gen offering, fear not, for the company have just announced the Xbox One Tour.

The promotional event has two parts; “Area One” brings the likes of Forza 5, Ryse and Dead Rising 3 to some of the world’s biggest cities, including London, whilst a series of smaller “Test Drive” booths will be popping up at 175 locations worldwide, including shopping centres, university campuses and festivals.

The complete list of Area One Tour dates are as follows:

  • Philadelphia: 3rd-6th Oct.
  • Paris: 10th-13th Oct.
  • Toronto: 10th-13th Oct.
  • Chicago: 17th-20th Oct.
  • Vienna: 17th-20th Oct.
  • Atlanta: 24th-27th Oct.
  • Dallas: 31st Oct.-3rd Nov.
  • Berlin: 31st Oct.-3rd Nov.
  • Phoenix: 7th Nov.-10th Nov.
  • San Francisco: 14th Nov.-17th Nov.
  • Dublin: 14th Nov.-17th Nov.
  • Los Angeles: 21st Nov.
  • London: 21st Nov.-24th Nov.

Microsoft have also promised that fans in Italy, France and Spain will be able to experience Xbox One at their booths during Milan Games Week (25th-27th October), Paris Games Week (30th October–3rd November.) and Madrid Games Week (7th-10th November).

The exact dates and locations of the smaller pop-up “Test Drive” events are currently unknown.

The Xbox One is due to launch in the US and UK on November 22nd.

Microsoft Announce Xbox One Tour

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