GAME Reveal Their PS4 Bundles For Launch

GAME have emailed customers who hold a Phase One, or launch day pre-order for Sony’s PS4, and detailed the packages the store will be offering on November 29th.

The email confirms day-one availability for those who pre-ordered prior to August 6th and also offers a selection of six bundles which GAME are now allowing customers to add to their order.

The bundles, which are not available via the GAME website at the moment, are as follows:

  • £399.99 – Console & Killzone: Shadowfall.
  • £399.99 – Console & Watch Dogs.
  • £399.99 – Console & FIFA 14.
  • £404.99 – Console & Call Of Duty: Ghosts.
  • £439.99 – Console, Killzone: Shadowfall & DriveClub.
  • £449.99 – Console, Killzone: Shadowfall, PS Eye camera & extra DualShock 4 controller.

GAME are promising all customers with pre-orders placed after August 6th will get their console in time for Christmas, although exactly when is still unknown.

Availability of these bundles in store at any point before then is expected to be extremely limited.

Personally, the Killzone, Camera and extra DualShock bundle still seems the best option to me, even with GAME’s pricing being slightly higher than expected.

What about you? Do any of these newly revealed packages take your fancy?

GAME Reveal Their PS4 Bundles For Launch

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