Vita TV May Be Coming To The UK, “Watch This Space” Say Sony

Talking at the Eurogamer Expo in London, Sony UK’s Fergal Gara has been discussing the possibility of the Vita TV and slim Vita redesign making their way to western territories.

Currently, both bits of kit are slated for release in Japan only, but with the new Vita hitting those shores in just two weeks on October 10th, the discussion around potential UK launch dates is a hot topic.

When questioned Gara said UK consumers should “watch this space”, adding “let’s get it out in Japan, see how successful it is, and take it from there”.

He also hinted that that Vita TV may be released in the UK.

“Same situation, really,” he said. “Japan is a great place to launch that kind of device. PS Vita is strongest in Japan, and that brand has the most traction in Japan. Also, streaming media services are far more established in Japan than other territories, so it made a lot of sense to launch it there. But we are delighted by the interest that’s been shown by western media and the public, particularly in the UK.”

It appears that if the demand is there and the Japanese market proves successful then we may well see Vita TV in UK homes at some point in the future.

Vita TV May Be Coming To The UK, “Watch This Space” Say Sony

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