The Last Of Us Outbreak DLC Teased, Likely To Be A Prequel

We’ve known for a while that DLC for Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us is coming soon, and it seems that today’s that all important day.

Those who’ve played the game (if you haven’t, shame on you.) will know the story revolves around the the near-future spread of a horrific, and for the most part unexplained, cordyceps infection. Today, September 26th, is that day, Outbreak Day.

Creative Director Neil Druckmann posted the following to twitter overnight:

Troy Baker, the voice of Joel in the game, also tweeted something similar at the same time, promising that “Tomorrow, @Naughty_Dog will tell us how we can survive.”

Both tweets contained the same image – an in-game newspaper dated September 26th 2013, running reports of the mysterious infection taking hold.

It’s a given at this point that today’s DLC will be single player content, and that, alongside these new tweets and Naughty Dog’s previous denial of a sequel – claiming Joel and Ellie’s story to be “complete” – all point towards a prequel of sorts when the DLC is officially announced later today.

Maybe we’ll see more of Joel and Tess’ story in the early days, or Joel and his brother Tommy perhaps, as they come to terms with those tragic events from the game’s prologue. We’ll find out soon.

The Last Of Us Outbreak DLC Teased, Likely To Be A Prequel

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