GTA Online Microtransaction Pricing Revealed

GTA V’s online multiplayer has been the subject of much discussion recently, not least because of the rumoured microtransactions it is said to include.

Today it appears those real-money payments are indeed included in the game, and sources close to Eurogamer – who’re already playing the online component – have been discussing just how much you can spend, and where your cash goes.

With less than a week to launch, the four GTA Online “cash cards” are yet to be officially announced, but it’s now believed gamers could spend between £1.99 and £13.49 on each virtual wallet top-up while playing online. We’ve detailed the prices below, although as with everything pre-launch, be mindful as these may still change prior to the mode going live on Tuesday.

$100,000 “Red Shark” Cash Card, £1.99
$200,000 “Tiger Shark” Cash Card, £3.49
$500,000 “Bull Shark” Cash Card, £6.99
$1,250,000 “Great White Shark” Cash Card, £13.49

These may seem – like everything Grand Theft Auto – quite extravagant, but it’s definitely worth noting that while GTA V and GTA Online are both set in the same game world, the in-game items react differently, especially with regards to finances.

A car that costs $1 million in the game’s single-player mode, for example, may be bought for considerably less online – although the game’s Achievements tease that it will then need to be insured if you’d like to keep if after an accident. A similar change applies to properties, with each player now only being able to purchase a single unit at any given time, re-selling each property as they move up the ladder. Again though, real estate online is significantly cheaper than that found offline, with Los Santos’ prime location now costing $400,000.

Naturally, with this re-balance of wealth, some things are cheaper, and others are more expensive. Mods to your cars and new weapons will be costly and as such most are initially out of normal financial reach. Thankfully, although time-limited consumables will be available, these readdressed costs, combined with GTA Online’s character ranking system – meaning, in essence, you can’t just buy an RPG unless you know how to handle it – ensure that no amount of real money can ‘boost’ a low-level character.

Either way, this is going to be quite the little earner for Rockstar, ensuring GTAV is still bringing in the profit long into their next title’s development cycle.

Full details of GTA Online, microtransactions and all, are expected to be released later this week, ahead of the game’s public launch on October 1st.

GTA Online Microtransaction Pricing Revealed

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