UK Retail Could Be Facing Months Of PS4 Shortages

The UK could face PS4 stock shortages at retail well beyond Christmas and into the new year, it has been reported.

Sources close to Sony say the current UK allocation is “unlikely to satisfy demand” after pre-orders for the new console far exceeded expectations. The machine could – apparently – be in short supply for “up to four months” after launch.

Sony’s UK team are now under pressure to secure further stock, in part to ensure customers don’t instead opt for Microsoft’s Xbox One console this November.

Talking of the PS4 launch at Gamescom recently, PlayStation’s UK MD Fergal Gara said “We have a very, very ambitious plan with 32 countries in mind. And we are talking pre-orders levels that we have never seen before in our 20 years in this business”. He also spoke of the Xbox 360’s current market lead in the UK, saying “We are very pleased to see such a shift towards PlayStation. But we now need to think about the gamer, our retail partners and manage those expectations as much as possible. It is pretty inevitable that demand will outstrip supply.”

Day one allocation PlayStation 4’s have all been snapped up in the UK, with Sony currently unable to promise that new pre-orders will be fulfilled at launch. A similar situation is affecting the US market, where the company are reportedly holding back some stock to help ensure a steady flow of PS4s into homes this holiday season.

The PlayStation 4 launches in the UK on November 29th.

UK Retail Could Be Facing Months Of PS4 Shortages

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