Sony Mobile Launch “The Best Of Sony For The Best Of You” Marketing Campaign

Sony Mobile have today launched their biggest marketing push to date, a global campaign dubbed “The Best of Sony for the Best of You”.

The new campaign, rolling out globally in more than 25 markets over the coming month, features the new Xperia Z1, and aims to highlight how Sony’s new flagship smartphone is – in the words of Tina Turner – Simply The Best.

Speaking of the new campaign, which will run across TV print, digital and retail, Sony have said: “In a world where we are bombarded by every part of our friends’ lives, Sony smartphones help you experience and share the best of yours,” continuing “the focus is on quality, not quantity – sharing the best, and not just everything.”

The TV spot featured above demonstrates how the Xperia Z1’s camera’s features and associated applications can capture the most important and memorable moments in life.

“This campaign continues the story we started earlier this year, highlighting the best of Sony in a premium smartphone, but with an important addition – you” said Louise Forbes, Director, Product Marketing Creation at Sony Mobile.

The campaign will also extend online, with Sony Mobile’s Facebook – working in partnership with the World Photography Organisation – hosting a gallery photography reflecting these special moments, as seen around the world. Sharing pictures from this gallery will also give fans the chance to win the revolutionary new smartphone, and you can’t say fairer than that.

Sony Mobile Launch “The Best Of Sony For The Best Of You” Marketing Campaign

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