Nintendo Detail Wii Fit U & Wii Sports Club

Nintendo have today announced details regarding the upcoming Wii U releases of their bestselling Wii Fit and Wii Sports titles, as part of their latest Nintendo Direct.

The presentation, and accompanying press release, are primarily devoted to Wii Fit U. Laurent Fischer, Nintendo’s Managing Director of European Marketing & PR says that, “Wii Fit U turns fitness into a fun, family experience”.

Nothing more family orientated than doing star jumps in your pants.

Nintendo are keen to get everybody involved though – or at least, everybody with a Wii U – and as such are offering owners a chance to grab a month long trial version of Wii Fit U absolutely free. This download does of course rely on you already owning the Wii Balance Board peripheral, which, as you can imagine, may limit the appeal to newcomers somewhat.

The game is said to include 77 different activities, 19 of which are new, and will take advantage of the Wii U GamePad, alongside the traditional WiiMote & Balance Board combo. Also announced today was the Wii Fit Meter, a 3-axis accelerometer based activity tracker, designed to be worn daily, which can measure a user’s steps, movement intensity, and altitude. The data collected can then be transferred to the Wii U, giving users an accurate rundown of the calories they have burned during any give period. “The Fit Meter transforms users’ everyday lives into workouts, encouraging them to get active and stay active.” say Nintendo.

Purchasing a Fit Meter – due for release to coincide with Wii Fit U’s eShop release on November 1st – will remove the time limitations from the trial. Those who choose not to download the 31 day trial can pick up the software & activity meter on December 6th, either with or without a Balance Board. If you’re after the software on disc, but don’t really want to sport a Fit Meter around the office, you’ll have to wait for February to pick it up on its own – or, you know, nip in to CEX on December 7th. Pricing for all the above mentioned options is currently unknown.

Moving away from Wii Fit, today’s other announcement was Wii Sports Club – Nintendo’s HD redux of Wii Sports’ bowling, tennis, baseball, boxing and golf games.

Each sport is being released individually on Nintendo’s eShop, and tout HD graphics, enhanced controls and online multiplayer – which is where the Club aspect comes into play. Players will be able to join clubs and interact with one-another via MiiVerse, before challenging rival sports fans to increase their own club ranking.

Bowling and Tennis will launch 7th November with Baseball, Boxing and Golf scheduled to follow shortly after. These games have an underwhelming pricing model attached however, with £1.79 granting play of all available sports for a 24-hour period, or permanent access to individual games costing £8.99.

Finally, Nintendo also talked about an update to Wii Street U, the Google powered StreetView app, which now includes Wii Balance Board functionality – meaning you can take an actual stroll around a virtual world. Just in case fresh air is alien to you.

Nintendo Detail Wii Fit U & Wii Sports Club

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