GTA V Edition PS3 Pulse Headset Available Now

To coincide with the launch of what is arguably the year’s biggest title – Grand Theft Auto V – Sony have today released an exclusive GTAV edition of their Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset for the PS3.

For its new outing, the headset dons a GTA V inspired paint-job and packs a new custom sound setting, whilst still maintaining the original headset’s features, such as the virtual 7.1 surround sound, built-in noise cancelling microphone and Sony’s BassImpact technology.

The Grand Theft Auto V Sound Mode is said to enhance immersion, “letting players use both sound and vibration to sense the impact of bullets, helping to locate incoming gunfire in hectic shootouts; as well as a vibration-based heartbeat to indicate low health, and additional effects to enhance explosions, crashes and much more.”

If you’ve forked out in the past for the impressive headpiece though, and aren’t all that fussed about the GTA emblem adorning your lugholes, fear not, for the Pulse Manager app – which also released today – has you sorted.

Besides the above mentioned Grand Theft Auto mode, the app allows you to program your headset’s output with numerous preset sound modes, including “shooter”, “racing”, “hip-hop” and “horror” amongst others. The app also has a few more more specific setups in the bank for big title releases too, including support for Bioshock Infinite, and Naughty Dog’s already ridiculously atmospheric The Last Of Us.

This headset doesn’t come cheap though with GAME currently selling it for £129.99, and an RRP of £149.99.

GTA V Edition PS3 Pulse Headset Available Now

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