Dead Rising 3’s Co-op Details Revealed

New details have been revealed regarding Dead Rising 3’s online co-op mode. When joining a friend’s game, you’ll step into the boots of Dick – a “wrong place, wrong time” trucker – to fight alongside protagonist Nick Ramos.

It’s also known that Dick features in the single player campaign, although Capcom have remained tight lipped about to what degree, and whether he fights alongside or against Nick is currently a mystery.

According to The Financial Post the two players, whilst working towards the same goal, are not “tethered” – meaning they are free to explore the vast city-scape of infected Los Perdidos without restraints.

Interestingly, co-op will also break the chronology of Dead Rising 3’s single player campaign mode, by allowing you to play through chapters online before reaching them within the game’s main story. Upon returning offline, gamers will then be able to skip over completed segments entirely, rather than having to replay them alone. Exactly how this will work whilst still maintaining a progression based narrative is currently unknown.

The Xbox One exclusive title is due for release alongside Microsoft’s next-gen machine, November 22nd.

Dead Rising 3’s Co-op Details Revealed

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