Minecraft Sales Reach 12 Million On PC, 33 Million Overall

Minecraft has notched up another impressive sales record, with PC, Mac & Linux sales surpassing 12 million thus far, according to creator Markus Persson.

That’s up a million from late June, when Persson tweeted figures of 11 million for those same platforms.

Console and mobile sales of the game are really astounding too, with IGN reporting total sales in the series now amounting to a staggering 33 million – up 10 million from June.

The Minecraft phenomenon has certainly taken hold, and with the title confirmed to be coming to Sony’s PS3, PS4 and Vita platforms shortly there’s no sign of those figures slowing any time soon. Minecraft’s creative elements are perfect for Sony’s handheld.

It might not only be Sony jumping in this previously Microsoft-exclusive vat of money either, Nintendo’s Senior Manager Of Marketing For Licensing, Damon Baker, recently stated the company has a “continuing relationship with Mojang”, so perhaps an eShop release is ready to be dug up too?

Regarding Nintendo, the game’s still very much a mystery, but – if at all – you’re most likely to see Steve and the Creepers on the 3DS rather than Nintendo’s home console; Back in March, when discussing console exclusivity, Mojang’s Jens Bergensten, Lead Designer on Minecraft Pocket, said a Wii U version of the game would be “very unlikely.”

Still, Nintendo or Nintendon’t, you can’t argue with those numbers.

Minecraft Sales Reach 12 Million On PC, 33 Million Overall

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