Killzone Mercenary Is A 3.3GB Digital Download

Looking as though it will finally be the FPS Sony’s handheld system deserves, Guerilla Games’ Killzone Mercenary has certainly been receiving some praise ahead of its release this Friday.

The ongoing Beta and hands-on previews have all ensured there’s no shortage of hype surrounding the title either, and because of that, pre-order numbers are stacking up faster than the body-count over on Helghan. Killzone Mercenary is, in fact, my very first Vita pre-order.

There’s a pretty good deal currently on at Amazon, offering a physical copy of the game for a penny under £25, and there’s an affordable bundle on offer at GAME too, for those new to the handheld. Of course, lots of people prefer their portable games digitally – as to avoid having to swap fiddly game carts on the go – and luckily, as with most big titles nowadays, Sony’s PSN store has you covered, £29.99.

If you are thinking of buying Killzone Mercenary digitally though, you’ll be pleased with the recently announced memory card price cuts – as the game is huge.

Those who’ve pre-ordered and pre-loaded the title already will find a 3.3GB download for the title waiting to unlock, and with the Vita’s firmware and future game patches all requiring space of their own, it’s safe to say that at least an 8GB memory card is required for Killzone Mercenary.

With the Vita hitting its stride, and the movement into next-gen hopefully meaning we’ll see more titles like Killzone on the horizon, isn’t it about time Sony phased out the 4GB card altogether? Or introduced a reasonably priced 64GB option?

Killzone Mercenary Is A 3.3GB Digital Download

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