Vita Console And Memory Prices Cut Online

As announced earlier this week, the prices of PlayStation Vita and its proprietary memory cards have started to fall – at certain retailers at least.

If you’re looking to pick up Sony’s handheld before the launch of the PS4 this November 29th, both Amazon and GAME have reduced Vita hardware, with the latter currently offering a 3G enabled console, alongside an 8GB memory card & the rather glorious Killzone Mercenary, all for £169.99 – or less if you use a bit of internet savvy and discount codes.

Killzone Mercenary is currently in open Beta for PlayStation Plus subscribers and is certainly looking like it will deliver a “proper FPS” to the handheld when it’s released in September. If shooters aren’t your thing, however, there’s the original “Mega Pack” bundle for the same price, which includes a good selection of 10 smaller games, or there’s a Vita and the recent Need For Speed game for just £10 more – although both these deals include a WiFi only console.

Perhaps you already have a Vita, and are excited about all those new indies PlayStation are bringing to next-gen? Well, thankfully, you’ve not been forgotten either – the price of Vita’s memory cards have been cut too, with a 32GB – now a far more reasonable £39.99 at Amazon, a discount of some 30%.

So, to those who’ve yet to grab Sony’s glorious handheld, with all those new games on the horizon, and with rumours of a redesign seemingly unfounded, now’s as good a time as ever, don’t you think?

Vita Console And Memory Prices Cut Online

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