Ubisoft Believes Nintendo IP Will Be Wii U’s Saviour

Alain Corre, Executive Director at Ubisoft, has been talking to IGN about the company’s faith in both the Nintendo Wii U and Sony’s PlayStation Vita, declaring “we all think that they’ll be able to sell more machines in the future.”

“These brands have a future, for sure,” Corre said of Nintendo IP, such as Smash Bros and Mario Kart, continuing “after that, it’s up to Nintendo to make sure that the machine can reach as many consumers as possible.”

On the subject of Sony’s handheld, his views were echoed; “We were very pleasantly surprised by Sony’s last push on the Vita. […] We’re watching that space and making sure that our PS4 games work on Vita, so the global experience on PS4 is even better.”

They’ve had a somewhat rocky ride thusfar, but it looks like both the Wii U and Vita especially are finding their stride coming in to 2014, and the continued support of publishers like Ubisoft, coupled with recent price cuts for both machines will certainly help.

Ubisoft’s latest title, Rayman Legends, will release on PS3, Xbox 360 and – after a lengthy delay – Wii U, tomorrow.

Ubisoft will also be releasing their ambitious new IP, Watch Dogs, and the latest in the Assassin’s Creed franchise natively on Wii U later this year, with both expected to be playable on Vita via the PS4’s remote play function.

Ubisoft Believes Nintendo IP Will Be Wii U’s Saviour

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