Call Of Duty Ghosts Will Have Dedicated Servers On PC

Talking to Nowgamer, Executive Producer at Call of Duty: Ghosts’ developer Infinity Ward, Mark Rubin, has been discussing the game’s multiplayer servers.

Earlier this week at Microsoft’s Gamescom press event it was revealed that Xbox One will have PC-style dedicated servers – powered by the cloud – for the next-gen shooter, instead of the usual peer-to-peer setup of console games.

“I don’t have details on how dedicated servers are going to work on PC, partly because we’re still in development and still working on all those features.” Said Rubin, continuing “PC will be all dedicated servers, all of it.”

Where exactly this leaves PlayStation gamers is still a little unknown, however. Speaking in Cologne, Activision were “unable to discuss” PS4 servers, which echoes Rubin’s earlier statements about dedicated servers being “on PC and it is on Xbox One, but I can’t talk about any other platforms.”

It’s worth noting that’s not a stonefaced “No” from Activision regarding PS4 getting dedicated servers, but rather a “maybe later, if we can sort out the intricacies” – although of course, with Microsoft throwing money at Call Of Duty for exclusive content year-after-year, perhaps the silence is in fact a “Yes, Sony will, but we’re obliged to tout Xbox as the only option. Because Dollar.”



Call Of Duty Ghosts Will Have Dedicated Servers On PC

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