Sony Discuss PS3 To PS4 Game Upgrade Fee

In an interview with Digital Spy, Sony’s UK Managing Director, Fergal Gara, has discussed the previously announced “upgrade path” between PS3 and PS4, and just how much it will cost to transition to next-gen with all your favourite current generation games.

The scheme, which will grant owners of current-gen titles discounts on the same game’s next-gen digital release will require users to verify their PS3 version, before receiving a discount – or new “upgrade price” – for the PS4 download.

On the matter of how much the upgrade will cost, and how long after a game’s launch users will see the offer however, Gara said “The publisher gets to define that”, continuing “Time window and price window has yet to be defined. Time window is probably more business policy for PlayStation, perhaps, but the premium will be defined by the publisher.”

Activision have already announced that whilst game stats, XP and season pass content will carry over free of charge, their fee for a Call Of Duty Ghosts ‘upgrade’ in this fashion will be £10, which, considering the RRP differences between current and next-gen titles is a surprisingly good deal.

It’s not very often I say this, but let’s hope other publishers follow Activision’s lead

Sony Discuss PS3 To PS4 Game Upgrade Fee

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