New FIFA 14 Gameplay Trailer & Details

Unsurprisingly,EA have been talking sports over in Cologne at their Gamescom event, and have released a some new info – and a brand new gameplay trailer – for FIFA 14.

There was a current gen trailer, but the most exciting looking one was the next gen trailer, showing footage captured from the PS4 and Xbox One versions.

FIFA 14 will feature 33 leagues and over 600 clubs, including for the first time ever, the Brazilian national team.

Updates to established franchise favourite Season Mode and Match Day Seasons were also mentioned, including the announcement that FIFA 14’s Season Mode will include online co-op 2v2 for the first time, allowing players to team up as they climb to reach the first division.

There was an announcement of the game’s Ultimate Team mode getting Xbox exclusive Legends too, with 40 new (old) players, including the iconic Walkers Crisps front man, Gary Linekar.

“Our fans will be able to bring stars from different eras together to create teams and combinations they have previously only dreamed about,” said David Rutter, Executive Producer of FIFA 14.

“For the first time ever, you will be able to play with Pele and Messi in the same lineup. It is going to create a unique experience within our most popular game mode”.

EA also used the event to announce that this year’s iteration of FIFA on mobile will be free to play, as well as the announcement that PC exclusives FIFA Online & FIFA World will be rolling out to more countries, although, not Europe, just yet.

Perhaps the most exciting news revealed though, was that a players stats, XP and user data will transfer cross-generation, as with COD and Battlefield, meaning players need not worry about losing their impressive goal tally when they choose to upgrade.

The presentation wrapped up with what EA were calling “Match Flow”, a new technology which affords realistic & atmospheric broadcast style surroundings to the game, with everything from the arenas to the crowds within them having a far more dynamic and realistic look and feel for the first time.

FIFA 14 will release September 27th for Xbox 360 and PS3, with next gen versions coming at the respective console launches.

New FIFA 14 Gameplay Trailer & Details

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