2K Drive Officially Announced For iOS

Despite appearing back in June on the Netherlands app store, 2K Games have released an official announcement trailer for upcoming iOS racer 2K Drive.

2K Drive, which will be getting its worldwide rollout soon, is an iPhone and iPad arcade style racing game developed by Lucid Games, who, as you may or may not be aware, is now the home to many ex-Bizarre Creations staff. Bizarre Creations, of course, responsible for the Project Gotham series of titles on the Xbox, and the wonderfully under-appreciated Blur on both Xbox and PS3.

Whilst a full console release from the team behind such iconic games would have been nice, 2K Drive does show promise, with the game boasting more than 25 licensed vehicles, 20 mini games and real time motorsport news, all sitting alongside a beautiful looking racer set in the real-world locations which Bizarre are known to do so well.

Pricing and a solid release date are unconfirmed, although Lucid & 2K have revealed the game to be both “coming soon” and “a premium title” meaning it’s a buy-once affair, rather than a core game crutched with in-app-purchases and wait times à la Real Racing.

I’ve got absolutely everything crossed this sells well, and then finds its way onto my PlayStation Vita.

2K Drive Officially Announced For iOS

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