PS4 Dev Kits To Be Made Available To Universities

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) have today announced that the PlayStation First Academic Development Programme is to make PlayStation 4 dev-kits available to university members.

PlayStation First is partnership between Sony Computer Entertainment and Worldwide Studios, to inspire innovation across the entire PlayStation range, and establishes partnerships with pioneers at the cutting edge of video game innovation, development and research.

The programme is a vital aid for SCE’s overall goal of supporting Indies and established studios alike, as we move into the next-generation.

Dr Maria Stukoff, Head of Academic Development at SCEE explains: “The next generation of Indie developers are now in education, and PlayStation First is at the forefront of enabling students to gain future-fit skills for PlayStation console development by providing access to real professional tools. […] PlayStation First fosters the skills that students need to step confidently into the video game industry.”

Now actively seeking applications for PlayStation 4 development, PlayStation First also provides platform specific licences for PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita, alongside software agreements to cover PlayStation Home, Move and PS Mobile.

It’s worth noting of course, that only registered academic institutions are eligible to apply, and will have to demonstrate the use of PlayStation technologies as a critical part of the teaching curriculum. Individuals or students are not eligible.

PS4 Dev Kits To Be Made Available To Universities

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