Gran Turismo 6 Demo Available Now Via The GT Academy

PlayStation racing fans are in for a treat when they fire up the PSN store today, as the sixth installment of Polyphony Digital’s “Real Driving Simulator” – Gran Turismo – is now available for an exclusive first play.

Wrapped up in the guise of the Nissan sponsored GT Academy 2013, the demo will give players a brief tutorial run, easing them into the game’s control scheme and handling, before unlocking this year’s first Academy qualifying event – which will ultimately result in one lucky driver earning a spot on Team Nissan next year.

With four warm up races and a further five time trials at the newly featured Silverstone circuit on offer, and two very different Nissan cars to choose from  – the sporty 370Z or the rather more eco-friendly Leaf –  there’s no shortage of things to do here as a casual fan.

The hardcore of racers who set a good enough qualifier however, will also be able to experience an added bonus event which will be made available when the GT Academy competition comes to an end, July 28th.

So, take a pit-stop, get those engine revving, and head on over to the PlayStation Network right now. The GT6 demo is free and open to all until the end of August.

Gran Turismo 6 Demo Available Now Via The GT Academy

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