Sony Unveil 4K Gallery App Via The PlayStation Network Store

As part of yesterday’s PlayStation Store update, Sony have rolled out 4K Gallery – a free to download application, which allows you to “enjoy outstanding pictures in 4K resolution from professional and award-winning photographers”.

They look quite good too, on my modest 32 inch TV at least. I can only dream of the stunning visuals afforded to those with a 4K television set, such as the Sony Bravia XBR Series.

Coming in at a hefty 1.6GB, the download’s content label of ‘single player game’ is, to say the least, a misnomer. What you’re actually getting is more a combination of well-positioned advertising and a public release tech demo.
4K Gallery utilises Sony’s “high-quality image enhancement technology” PlayView, and allows viewers to manipulate on-screen images in excess of a billion pixels, in real-time.

PlayView was originally demoed by Sony Computer Entertainment some three years ago, and has previously been used to deliver both static and live content as “visual magazines” via the Japanese PlayStation Store. As-of-yet the technology has seen very little real-world use in the European market.

Moving into next-gen – and in particular looking forward a week to E3 – Sony will undoubtedly be touting the PS4’s 4K ability, and used correctly the PlayView platform could be great for the next PlayStation system, and it’s audience.

Sony Unveil 4K Gallery App Via The PlayStation Network Store

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