PS4 Pre-Order Allocations Reportedly Running Low At GAME

Despite certain US retailers reporting to be able to fulfill “unlimited” pre-orders for Sony’s next generation PlayStation, it appears the console may not be quite so readily available to gamers in the UK, come launch day.

One GAME staff member, who naturally is “not at liberty to discuss figures” has today tweeted the following:

Spoke to #TeamPlaystation today and was told if we continue at this rate PS4 will reach UK allocation within 1 month

Whilst stock shortages are rumoured at every product launch, this information, quoted as being from a “reliable source” within PlayStation – if indeed not just marketing hyperbole – indicates a rather worrying Christmas period for PS4, and, with Xbox One expected to launch at the same time, perhaps more importantly potential market share and early install base.

During the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo, online retailer Amazon received their busiest pre-order week to date, reportedly receiving 2,500 console orders per minute.

So, if you’re after a PS4 this side of Christmas, I suggest you get that deposit down at a GAME store sooner rather than later.

PS4 Pre-Order Allocations Reportedly Running Low At GAME

Sony Serve A 4K Ad Campaign At Wimbledon

This week sees the start of 2013′s All England Lawn Tennis Championships – better known as Wimbledon to you or I -and for those of us not fortunate enough to have court side seats, surely the best way to experience the second-service, strawberries, and ultimately Andy Murray’s misfortune, is from the comfort of our front room – via the BBC’s stellar coverage and a brand new Sony 4K TV set.

The Bravia X9 series has just gone on sale in the UK, with a 55 inch 3840 x 2160 pixel beauty costing you, rather fittingly, £4k – and just as over the past few years 3D technology has been highlighted, this year Sony want to use the annual sporting event to promote the advantages of their shiny new pixel-heavy powerhouse. For the first time ever, parts of the 2013 championships will be recorded in 4K Ultra HD, and this cutting edge technology- with detail 4 times greater of current HD broadcasts, means that even the smallest of details will stand out.

So, how to take advantage of this? “With more footage being generated in 4K people are going to see every single detail and get much closer to the action. We thought we’d push it to the limit by running a microtising campaign – proving that Sony televisions can pick up on the smallest details.” comments Paul Gyles, Marketing Head of Sony Television – and that’s exactly what they’ve done.

British number 5, Anne Keothavong will be sporting microtising – microscopic sized advertising – to demonstrate the sheer level of clarity 4K can bring to sporting events. The unusual ads themselves will be printed on the tennis ace’s hemline, shoelaces, and even her fingernails, and will be present for the duration of Anna’s involvement in the tournament.

Regarding their new partnership Mick Desmond, Commercial Director at The All England Lawn Tennis Club has said the following: “The Championships may be the oldest tennis tournament in the world, but that doesn’t mean we’re behind the times as proven by the cutting edge 4K Ultra HD partnership we’re running in conjunction with Sony this year. We’re very proud to be the first tennis tournament – and indeed one of the first major sporting events globally – to embrace this new technology.”

Sony’s F55 35mm and NEX-FS700 4K cameras will be capturing the action courtside at Wimbledon from today, until July 7th.

Sony Serve A 4K Ad Campaign At Wimbledon

Free-To-Play Ridge Racer Driftopia Coming Soon

With the PS4 just around the corner, a new Ridge Racer was bound to be warming its engine – Namco’s latest offering isn’t following the time honoured tradition of being a PlayStation launch game however, opting instead to take the title free-to-play on current hardware.

Ridge Racer: Driftopia sees the series’ trademark racing style return as you once again tear up the streets to take on, and take out, fellow drivers.

Developed by Bugbear Entertainment, the team behind last year’s Ridge Racer Unbounded, Driftopia offers over 30 cars and 20 tracks from day one, with a wealth of customisation and repair options available on a timed (or presumably, paid) basis thereafter.

Global scoreboards challenge you to shave seconds of other players’ times with bonus points and car modifications awarded for things such as finding off-piste shortcuts and drifting.

Ridge Racer: Driftopia is coming to PlayStation 3 and PC later this year.

Free-To-Play Ridge Racer Driftopia Coming Soon

Sony To Offer PlayStation Vita Memory Card & Game Code Bundles

In a new initiative, presumably to highlight the array of digital content available for Vita, Sony Europe have today announced an 8GB Vita memory card “mega pack”.

Featuring full PlayStation Vita titles alongside PS Mobile and F2P games – and even a classic Ratchet adventure from the PSP back catalog – there’s something for everyone here.

Available from this Friday 21st June in Europe – expected a week later in the UK – and priced at €39.99/£34.99 the pack includes your memory card and PlayStation Network download codes for the following titles:

  • LittleBigPlanet Vita
  • WipeOut 2048
  • MotorStorm RC
  • Little Deviants
  • Frobisher Says! (with Fun Pack DLC)
  • Ecolibrium (with Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum game packs
  • Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters
  • Lemmings
  • Hungry Giraffe
  • The HD Adventures of Rotating Octopus Character

This new Mega Pack memory card bundle will also be available in some territories as part of a new Wi-Fi PS Vita hardware package, priced at €249.99/£219.99.

Sony To Offer PlayStation Vita Memory Card & Game Code Bundles

Trade In Deals Offer Naughty Dog’s Last Of Us For Less Than £1 At GAME

Naughty Dog’s latest PS3 exclusive release, The Last Of Us, is due to hit next Friday June 14th, and has been receiving near perfect review scores all round.

So, if like myself you can’t wait to embark upon the action-adventure come survival-horror Joel and Ellie are faced with, then GAME may well be the place for you come release day.

The Last Of Us will be available for only 99p when trading in any two of the following titles, which is a fantastic deal given their current values.

Said games are – Tomb Raider, COD: Black Ops 2, FIFA 13, Metro: Last Light, Bioshock Infinite, Dead Island Riptide and Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Will definitely be taking advantage of this one, personally.

Trade In Deals Offer Naughty Dog’s Last Of Us For Less Than £1 At GAME

Sony Unveil 4K Gallery App Via The PlayStation Network Store

As part of yesterday’s PlayStation Store update, Sony have rolled out 4K Gallery – a free to download application, which allows you to “enjoy outstanding pictures in 4K resolution from professional and award-winning photographers”.

They look quite good too, on my modest 32 inch TV at least. I can only dream of the stunning visuals afforded to those with a 4K television set, such as the Sony Bravia XBR Series.

Coming in at a hefty 1.6GB, the download’s content label of ‘single player game’ is, to say the least, a misnomer. What you’re actually getting is more a combination of well-positioned advertising and a public release tech demo.
4K Gallery utilises Sony’s “high-quality image enhancement technology” PlayView, and allows viewers to manipulate on-screen images in excess of a billion pixels, in real-time.

PlayView was originally demoed by Sony Computer Entertainment some three years ago, and has previously been used to deliver both static and live content as “visual magazines” via the Japanese PlayStation Store. As-of-yet the technology has seen very little real-world use in the European market.

Moving into next-gen – and in particular looking forward a week to E3 – Sony will undoubtedly be touting the PS4’s 4K ability, and used correctly the PlayView platform could be great for the next PlayStation system, and it’s audience.

Sony Unveil 4K Gallery App Via The PlayStation Network Store