PSN’s 12 Deals Of Christmas 2012

Sony have today announced that in celebration of the forthcoming festive period, PSN will be running a very special “12 Deals Of Christmas” promotion throughout December.

It all kicks off this Saturday, when Sony will tuck their first present under the virtual tree that is the PlayStation Network store-front. Gamers will then have 48 hours to collect the “amazing deal” before it disappears forever, and is switched out with a new offer.

The same promotion ran this time last year, and mainly featured rather disappointing discounts on older titles – it did however still feature a handful of gems, and even a couple of freebies for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

This year, with the Vita getting a big push over the holidays, we could well see some sparkly new decoration for our handheld, which in theory sounds fantastic.

Unfortunately, the current lack of Vita content means I am somewhat wary of these proposed deals, and you may well be too – especially if you’re a Plus user. In my eyes, any content with mass appeal, which may be getting a discount, is likely to be games or DLC you’ve already purchased, or are set to recieve gratis in the coming months, thanks to PlayStation Plus.

Dear Santa, I’m using up a Christmas wish here, willing this not to be the case.

Nevertheless, If you’re a PlayStation gamer, keep your eyes on the store throughout December, and hopefully Sony will deliver some crackers, and not turkey-after-turkey to our table.

PSN’s 12 Deals Of Christmas 2012

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